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Mauna Kea Soil and Water Conservation District Cooperative Agreement With

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Mauna Kea Soil and Water Conservation District

Cooperative Agreement With

Name of Cooperator: _________________________________­____________________________

Address: ___________________________________________ Phone:______________________
Name of Land Owner: ____________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________ Phone:______________________ (MKSWCD will notify landowner by letter about this agreement.)

Zone Section Plat Parcel Acres

Legal Description: ______ ______ ____ ______ ______

______ ______ ____ ______ ______
______ ______ ____ ______ ______
Land Use at Present: _________________________________

Planned: _________________________________

I understand the purpose of the Mauna Kea Soil and Water Conservation District, its objectives, and programs. I intend to use this land within its capabilities and treat it according to its needs. I enter into the following agreement with the District.
I agree:

  1. To develop and implement a basic conservation program for my parcel(s) as needed.

  2. To install the planned practices according to a Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) approved design and to NRCS practice standards and specifications, and maintain all structures and other conservation measures in good working condition.

  3. To comply with respective Federal, State and County laws and ordinances in carrying out my program. I assume responsibility to obtain all necessary permits easements, and right of ways. (see attached County Grading ordinance)

  4. To inform the District and anyone furnishing technical assistance to the District, as well as equipment operators, of the location any buried pipe lines, electrical or communication cables.

  5. To notify the District or NRCS at (808) 885-6602 a minimum of 6 months before the installation of a practice to allow sufficient time to provide me a practice design.

The District agrees:

  1. To supply a land capability inventory of the land where needed.

  2. To provide available technical assistance to help prepare a conservation program for my parcel(s) and to help apply the measures in the plan.

It is mutually agreed:

  1. The District will not be liable for damages during or after the implementation of the conservation plan.

  2. In the event I lose control of the land, neither I nor the new operator is under any obligation to carry out the conservation plan.

  3. Technical help received will depend upon the work load and priorities of the District.

  4. This agreement shall start when signed by the District and continue indefinitely, unless canceled in writing by me or the District.

  5. The conservation plan will be initiated within 5 years of the plan approval or the plan will be voided.

  6. My file will be subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

If the applicant is a business, the signer should be a person who represents the business.

Cooperator’s Signature: Date:

Social Security Number or Tax ID:

Print name of signer and title, when a representative of the business

District Signature: Date:

Mauna Kea Soil & Water Conservation District

All programs and services of the Mauna Kea SWCD are offered on a non- discriminatory basis.


GRADING ordnance



PO Box 2975, Kamuela, HI 96743 Phone: 808-885-6602 Fax: 808-885-4420


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