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Make your Own Planet!!

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Make your Own Planet!!

What color is your planet?

Is it a gas planet? Or a rocky planet?

How big is your planet?

Does it have rings?

Draw your planet in the box below, and let the above questions help you:

Write about your new planet!
On manuscript paper, answer these questions in complete sentence. If they are great sentences, we will hang them up in the hall!
1) What is the name of your new planet? (Remember to capitalize!)
2) How big is your planet? (Use miles or kilometers)
3) How long is a day on your planet?
4) How long is a year on your planet?
5) If you weigh 85 lbs on Earth, how much would you weigh on your planet?
6) Does your planet have any moons? How many? What do they look like?
7) Can your planet support life? Does it have humans, or some other kind of creature?

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