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Janusz trzebiatowski

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POLAND 30-250 KRAKOW, UL. GAJÓWKA 25, TELEPHONE: +48 (12) 429 70 40, 502-218-629

Janusz Gerard Stanisław Jutrzenka Trzebiatowski was born in Chojnice on the 9th of July 1936. Since 1954 he has continuously lived and worked in Krakow. His work comprises painting, sculpture, poster, small sculpture form, medallic art, as well as projects in architecture and scenography. In his heritage there also is poetry. For his lifetime achievements he was awarded the Knight’s Cross and the Officer’s Cross of the Order of Rebirth of Poland, the Gold Laurel for Mastery in the Art and many more awards and distinctions. He is a member of Assocation Internationale des Arts Plastiques AIAP, Federation Internationale De La Medaille FIDEM, Polish Pastel Society of America, Creative Society POLART, the Society of Polish Pastellists, the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, the Association of Polish Literates, the Art and Literature Creative Society and others. He has had exhibitions in: England, Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Netherlands, India, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Canada, Cuba, Luxembourg, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the USA, Syria, Ukraine, Hungary and Italy. He has had 204 individual exhibitions in the country and abroad, he has participated in 503 international, nationwide and regional exhibitions.

  1. British Museum, London (the United Kingdom),

  2. Hermitage, Sankt Petersburg and other national museums in Russia,

  3. National Museum in China. Museum of Modern Art Shanghai (China),

  4. Ogaki Poster Museum (Japan),

  5. Royal Coin Gabinet, National Museum of Monetary History, Stockholm (Sweden),

  6. Lahti Art Museum (Finland),

  7. Museo Centro Danteso, Ravenna (Italy),

  8. Museum of Arts Vatican City,

  9. Moravska Galerie, Brno (Czech Republic),

  10. Museum der Bidenden Kunst, Leipzig (Germany),

11.Musée des Beaux - Arts, Mons (Belgium),

  1. Musée de lAffiche, Paris (France),

  2. Galeri Konstars Centrum, Malmö (Sweden),

  3. Museo Consejo Superior de Déportes, Madrid (Spain),

  4. LInstitut Polonaise, Paris (France),

  5. Strarznica City Museum (Bulgaria),

  6. Kunst Hallen, Uppsala (Sweden),

  7. Musée de lAffiche a Mons (Belgium),

  8. Laens Land Sting Uppsala (Sweden),

  9. Musée Olimpique, Lozanna (Switzerland),

  10. Mint Anders Nyborg A/S (Denmark),

  11. Conseil Municipal, Saillans (France),

  12. Dansk Plakat Museum, Abyhrj (Denmark),

  13. Museum of Numismatics and Medals, Lviv (Ukraine),

  14. Polnisches Muséum in Rapperswill (Switzerland),

  15. Collection of Beuningen City (Netherlands),

  16. World Poster Museum Listowel (Ireland),

  17. Collektion of the Consulate Generale of Poland (China)

  18. Collections of Loga 112 Hoyerarde Norge (Norway),

  19. Center Culture Jeunesse Musées Provincede Liège (Belgium),

  20. Collection of the Hungarian Association of Visual Artists in Budapest (Hungary),

  21. Collection of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Vienna,

  22. Muzej Srema (Serbia),

  23. Museum of Medals Kremnica (Slovakia),

  24. National Museum in Warsaw,

  25. National Museum in Krakow,

  26. National Museum in Poznan,

  27. National Museum in Szczecin,

  28. National Museum in Wroclaw,

  29. Museum of Silesia in Katowice,

  30. Historical Museum of Krakow,

  31. Historical Museum of the capital city of Warsaw,

  32. Museum of Medallic Art in Wroclaw,

  33. Museum of Middle Pomerania in Slupsk,

  34. Museum of Leon Wyczołkowski in Bydgoszcz,

  35. Regional Museum in Chelm,

  36. Regional Museum in Lublin,

  37. Regional Museum in Nowy Sacz,

  38. Regional Museum in Sandomierz,

  39. Regional Museum in Tarnow,

  40. Regional Museum in Chorzow,

  41. Historical and Ethnographic Museum in Chojnice,

  42. Museum of Kashubian Writing in Wejherowo,

  1. Museum of Jagiellonian University in Krakow,

  2. National Majdanek Museum in Lublin,

  3. West Kashubia Museum in Bytow,

  4. Museum of Sport of Tourism in Warsaw,

  5. Museum of Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society in Pulawy,

  6. Museum of Borderlands in Lubaczow,

  7. Museum of Theatre w Krakow,

  8. Museum of the History of Labor Movement in Poznan,

  9. Museum of Coins and Medals of John Paul II in Czestochowa,

  10. Collection of the Royal Castle in Warsaw,

  11. Collection of the Jagiellonian Library in Krakow,

  12. Collections of the Fine Arts Society in Warsaw,

  13. Collections of the Fine Arts Society in Krakow,

  14. Collection of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow,

  15. Collection of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Oronsk,

  16. Collection of Polish Academy of Sciences, Department of the Ossolinski’s in Wroclaw,

  17. Collection of the City of Mikolow,

  18. Collection of the John Paul II Clinic in Krakow,

  19. Collection of the Publishing House "Jagiellonia" in Krakow,

  20. Collection of the Pomeranian Library in Buk,

  21. Collection of the Community House of Krakow,

  22. Collection of the BWA in Kielce,

  23. Collection of the BWA of Lesser Poland in Nowy Sacz,

  24. Collection of the BWA in Suwalki,

  25. Collection of the BWA in Tarnow,

  26. Collection of the “Centrum Gallery in Krakow - Nowa Huta,

  27. House of Creative Communities in Lomza,

  28. Collection of the BWA in Bydgoszcz,

  29. Collection of the Myslenice Community Centre,

  30. Collection of the Polish Cultural Foundation in Warsaw,

  31. Modern Art Gallery DK HTS in Krakow,

  32. Art Gallery PSM in Krakow - Nowa Huta,

  33. Collection "Sacro Art" in Krakow,

  34. Collection of the BWA in Olkusz,

  35. Collection of the BWA in Miechow,

  36. Collection of Warmia and Masuria Philharmonics in Olsztyn,

  37. Modern Art Gallery in Chojnice,

  38. House of the Creative Work in Miechow,

  39. Archive of Touristic Poster RPK Lublin,

  40. Collection of the Ministry of Culture and Science in Warsaw

  41. Collection of the Society of Polish Pastellists in Nowy Sacz,

95. Collection of the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the Krakow City Council,

96. Collection of "Kuznica" in Krakow,

97.Collection of the BWR in Krakow,

98. Collection of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in Szczecin,

99.Collection of the Department of Culture and Art of the Bydgoszcz City Council.

  1. Gallery of the Museum of Janusz Trzebiatowski in Chojnice (collection of 520 artworks),

  2. Permanent collection of paintings of J. Trzebiatowski Rubinstein Residence Krakow,

  3. Museum of J. Trzebiatowski in Siennica Rozana (under organisation),

  4. Gallery of Janusz Trzebiatowski /permanent exposition / in „Sukiennice" (Cloth Hall) Thuy Tran Dinha in Chojnice

  5. Permanent Gallery of Artistic Poster of J. Trzebiatowski in the Group of Schools in Siennica Rozana,

  6. medals of J. Trzebiatowski /permanent exposition / in the Group of Schools in Chojnice

  7. Paitntings of J. Trzebiatowski, /permanent exposition/ Siennica Rozana

Also in numerous private collections in the country and abroad including Austria, Armenia, England, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, the USA, Switzerland, Sweden.


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  12. Discourse, Gallery of the Museum of Janusz Trzebiatowski in Chojnice, 2014,

As well as numerous publications in the press, books and almanacs.

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