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Introduction adyghe Republic

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Adyghe Republic is a multi-cultural community and welcomes people of all races and religions. It is also a safe country in which to live and study. Russian education has developed over many thousands of years to achieve its world-wide reputation for quality and students play an important role in the towns and cities where they choose to live and study.

Adyghe State University

Adyghe State University was founded as the Teacher’s Training College in 1940. In 1993 it got the status of a classical state university. Its reputation has grown since that time. Educational process is enjoyable, challenging and rewarding at Adyghe State University. Adyghe State University has recently celebrated the 68 year anniversary. At present the university became a scientific and educational center. In 2005 the university successfully passed accreditation and proved itself to be of a classical type.

The teaching staff consists mostly of university postgraduate-students with teaching qualifications. There are 597 teachers: 137 doctors and professors, 315 Ph.D.s and senior lecturers among them. In the whole about 70% of teachers have scientific degrees. There are more than 30 Honored teachers of the Russian Federation and 170 excellent workers in the Russian education system, culture and science. 26 Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation and Adyghe Republic, more than 60 Full Members of various Academies, Honored Educational and Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation and Adygheya Republic. 73 workers were awarded with the governmental awards of the Russian Federation, Krasnodar region and Adyghe Republic; 86 workers got departmental awards.
The City

Adyghe State University is situated in the capital of Adyghe Republic, the city of Maykop which is in 130 kilometers away from Krasnodar and good road links to other parts of the country. Maykop is one of the most cleanest and beautiful cities in Russia. It is small in size but reach in heritage and tradition with the population in 156.8 thousand people.

The city is located in the North-Western part of the Caucasus. It was founded in 1857 on the land of the Circassian tribes as a Russian fortress surrounded by the moat and high bank. The name of the city “Maykop” takes its origin from the Circassian word meaning “the mouth of the apple-tree valley” in the Russian language. There was a Silk Way across the today’s territory of Adygheya in 7-8 centuries. The climate is mild. The average temperature is -2 (minus) in winter and +22 (plus) in summer. Adyghe State University is situated in the capital of Adygheya Republic, the city of Maykop which is in 130 kilometers away from Krasnodar. The city is in the North-Western part of the Caucasus. It is surrounded by the mountains, forests and lakes. The river Belaya is flowing in the mountains where the international competitions in rafting take place annually.

The favorite natural places of interests for tourists are “The Valley of ammonium salt”, “The Grave of bear’s hazel-nut”, “Khadzhokh gorge”, “Canion of the river Aminovka”, “The Big Azishskaya cave”, “The Mountain Monk”.

Now it is a modern cultural center with historical museums, national galleries, night clubs, business center and open parkland. A big part of the population is students, young and vibrant community in Maykop. As the city combines the best aspects of both urban and rural lifestyles it supports a thriving and well-balanced society.
The Campus
Adyghe State University comprises 2 institutes (Institute of Arts, Physical Training and Judo Institute).

There are 2 libraries at Adyghe State University. After a simple registration process you can borrow from the network of libraries. In total there are around 1000 reader places and over 300.000 books and journals there. A full range of audio-visual equipment provides alternative learning media. Each library has enquiry points where you can ask for help in using the library and facilities.

There are 2 canteens and 3 cafes with capacity of 550 students. There is a sanatorium (resort place) “Zdorovie” (Health), poliklinika, bases for rest (“Nart” in Anapa, “Maykop” in Gelendzhik, “Gornaya Legenda” in Maykop area).

There are centers for children’s intellectual development, computer training “Turbo”, Republican school of Physics and Mathematics at Adyghe State University. The school of Physics and Mathematics represented Russian education progress in Mathematics and other educational programs at the 10th International Congress in Mathematics in Copenhagen in 2006. There are several museums, scientific research centers and laboratories, agricultural and biological stations, cultural and fitness centers at University.

University provides good conditions of living for the students and teaching staff. There are 3 hostels with good facilities. All of our hostels are within easy walking distance of the school and the city centre, therefore minimizing travel costs. We are normally able to obtain preferential rates and discounts for our students.

All the accommodation we use have looked after our students before and so whichever level you choose, we are confident that you will be comfortable. We have a simple philosophy – to provide high quality higher education and accommodation at very competitive prices.

The University Library
The basic purpose of the library of Adyghe State University is effective maintenance of educational and scientific processes. Formation of funds is carried out according to educational standards, requirements of the Ministry of Education, and according to specialties of the classical university. The library is computerized and has access to Internet. The library has the web-site:, where the basic information of the library and its services is placed. Besides the main library there are 11 faculty libraries. Faculty libraries together with the main library have holdings of over 7973 volumes and currently receive 27 000 periodicals.

Departments Offered
About 14000 students get education in 42 specializations of higher and professional, part-time and full-time education. Adyghe State University tends to use more advanced informational technologies. There are 2500 computers at the university; 752 computer classes are connected by local Internet on the basis of various technologies. Students, post-graduate students and teachers have free access to Internet at the university computer center.

There are 10 faculties (Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics, Natural Science, History, Philology, Adyghe Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Law, Economics, Pedagogy), 6 branches (in Adyghe Republic and Krasnodar region) at Adyghe State University.

Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and department of Physics

The history of the faculty of Physics goes in distant 1941. In 1988 the faculty of physics and mathematics at Adyghe State Pedagogical Institute was divided into two independent faculties: mathematics and physics.

A new profession "Automated systems of information processing and management" was opened after transformation of Adyghe State Pedagogical Institute into AGU in 1995. It was of great interest to the applicants. At present two pulpits are functioning at the faculty: theoretical physics and ASOIPM, where there are two professions: "Physics" with qualification "Physicist" and "ASOIPN" - "Engineer".

Students’ life of the faculty is very interesting which is skillfully managed with the Students’ Council.

Department of Natural Science
It was founded in 1960 as an agricultural and biological faculty of the Pedagogical Institute. There are the following specialties: “Biology”,”Geography”,”Chemistry”. The graduate students get the qualifications of a teacher in the above mentioned fields of science.

Now there are 4 departments that function at the faculty: chemistry, zoology, botany and geography. There are 5 scientific laboratories, 2 museums and laboratory of geography and informational technologies.

There are 3 fields of science where students can get post graduate education: “Entomology”, “Physiology”, and “Ecology”. There is the agricultural and biological station on the coast of the river Kurdzhips.

The faculty has relations with scientific and educational institutions of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov na Dony, Krasnodar.

They hold Russian and regional contests in biology and chemistry among school children on the

basis of the faculty

Department of History
It was founded in1984. There are the following departments: the department of world history, the department of Russian history. There is the following specialization: “History and qualification-teacher of history of Russia, New History, and history of close and Middle East”.

The students of the faculty take active part in the work of the center “Intellect”. There are the winners’ intellectual contests on the local and international levels.

Department of Law
The Department of law of the Adyghe State University was founded in1993. There are the following specialties: "State Law", "Civil Law, "Criminal Law".

The department includes 4 faculties: department of theory and history of the state and law and political science, department of the constitutional law, department of civil law, department of criminal law.

The department has the scientific and methodological computer center, and the learning-methodical cabinet, laboratory for the criminal studies.

For preparation of lawyers the department contacts with state, administrative and law enforcement bodies and etc. The Chairman of Supreme Court of Adyghe Republic, the Secretary of Security Council, the head of the judicial department of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation in Adyghe Republic, judges of Supreme Court and workers of Office of Public Prosecutor work at the department of Law. Annually students of the department have practice in judicial, law-enforcement, administrative bodies that help to strengthen theoretical knowledge of students’ practical skills.

From the moment of formation of the department active work is conducted by the students’ scientific organization. Students of the department repeatedly take the first places in the Russian Olympiads in Law and become winners of the Russian competitions of students’ works.

At the department operates Adyghe regional branch of the Youth Union of Lawyers of the Russian Federation. Students of the department give consultations in law affairs; work as public defenders in courts, etc.

The department is constantly searching for new forms of training and education of students.

Department of Pedagogy
The Pedagogical faculty of Adyghe State University was founded in 1978. Scientific skills of the teaching staff promote the level of giving lectures, practical scientific and methodological studies.

The faculty has branches in Ejsk, Apsheronsk (part time form of education), in Belorechensk and Koshekhabl (full time and part time forms of education).

Students take an active part in annual students’ conferences. Scientific works receive winners’ places, participate in Russian contests of the student scientific research. Students’ scientific works are published in university journal "Ab Ovo".
Department of Philology
The Department is the oldest in Adyghe State University and since the date of its foundation has been training highly qualified specialists in philology and journalism. New specializations are now available: philologist’s assistant, TV- and radio- journalist. The staff members of the Department research actual problems of poetry, standard of speech, language environment, theory and history of journalism, history of the Russian language, advertisement studies. The department closely cooperates with a number of higher educational institutions, pedagogical colleges as well as with secondary schools of the region. The department runs postgraduate and doctorate programs and there is a board for defending candidates' theses on the Russian Language and General Linguistics. The teaching staff includes 9 professors and more than 50 assistant professors and candidates of science. The President of Adyghe Republic and other eminent political and cultural figures are among the graduates of the department.
Institute of Physical Training and Judo
The Institute of the Physical Culture and Judo of the Adyghe State University was founded in 1995.

The Institute is a subdivision of the university. Its main purpose is to prepare specialists in such area of professional activity as Physical Culture and Sport, Military and Physical Training for South Federal area of the Russian Federation.

This is the only one Institute that realizes preparation of specialists in such professions as "Physical Culture and Sport" with qualifications "Specialist on Physical Culture and Sport” and “Teacher of the Physical Culture, a trainer in judo."

The Institute is recognized as scientific and methodological centre of the region in the field of physical culture. It is one of the best in Russia. It has the graduate school, doctorate and council in defending of candidate's and doctorate’s theses.

Professors and teachers of the institute account 65 people where there are 8 doctors of the pedagogical sciences and 25 candidates of the sciences among them.

For the recent years Institute has prepared 25 well-learned masters of sport, over 10 masters of sport of the international class and more than 500 masters of sport in fight judo and sambo.

The development of other kinds of sport such as light athletics, weight-lifting, east single combat and playing sports is rather active.
Department of Foreign Languages
The department of foreign languages was founded in 1973. There are 4 departments at the faculty: the department of English Philology, the department of French Philology, the department of German Philology and the department of Arabic and second foreign languages. The main reason of foundation of the department of Arabic was the process of globalization and economic integration.

Time flies. The traditions of the department have been changing. The teaching staff consists of the high skilled teachers and professors. Most of the teachers frequently got used to go for training abroad.

Students get the qualification of “Teacher of a Foreign Language and Linguist”. Scientific research is usually done in the following main fields: Linguistics and Intercultural Communication; Comparative, Historic and Typological Language studies; Theory and Methods of teaching Foreign Languages.

The department has international affairs in the following fields: students’ and teachers’ internship abroad; invitation of foreign specialists to work; arrangement of seminars and conferences with foreign specialists’ participation. The Students’ Council has functioned more than 10 years at the faculty. It is responsible for supporting of the administration of the faculty in arranging cultural and sport activities.

Department of Adyghe Language and Culture
The department of Adyghe Philology and Culture was founded in 1990. The preparation of the pedagogical staff with the following qualifications is carried out: “Teacher of Adyghe Language and Literature”, “Teacher of Russian and Literature”, “Teacher of Adyghe Language and Literature, Journalist”, “Specialist in Cultural Studies”, “Teacher in Primary School, Adyghe Language and Literature”.

The faculty of Adyghe Philology and Culture has qualified professorial staff that possesses significant scientific potential: doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences and academicians.

Work in the following scientific directions is conducted: “Problems of training of the Russian language at national schools in the conditions of educational modernization” and “Confessional culture of Adyghe people”.

The postgraduate study and the specialized councils in the defense of master's degrees are open in the specialties: “Literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation”, "Folklore Studies", “Russian Language”, “Caucasian Languages”

The students’ scientific organization has been working. Students take part in scientific and practical conferences and contests.

Graduates of the faculty are prepared for work as language teachers and literature teachers in comprehensive schools of Adygea and beyond its area: in grammar schools, average professional educational institutions and also on radio and TV stations, editions of newspapers and magazines and other cultural and educational establishments.

Faculty teachers are authors of textbooks for Adyghe schools. The faculty has close connections with schools of Adygea and the Ministry of Education of Republic of Adygea.

Department of Economics
The department of Economics was founded in 1993. The department carries out preparation in the specialties “Book keeping, the analysis and audit”, “Economics and Management at the enterprises” and “Management of the personnel”. Now faculty is one of the leading faculties of ASU.

The staff of the faculty carries out researches in the scientific directions corresponding to the structure of experts’ preparation answering both to the inquiries and requirements of the national economy of Southern Federal district. The postgraduate study is open and dissertational council in economic sciences functions. The students’ scientific organization works. The stuff of the faculty of Economics and Management is engaged in development of the fundamental scientific problem “Models and monitoring of development of agrarian and industrial complex”. According to the results of the researches master's theses are defended. At the faculty of Account and Finance such researches are carried out as: economic stability of various forms of management in agrarian sphere, maintenance of competitiveness of production of agricultural origin in view of development of the regional market of raw material, the economic mechanism of financial stability maintenance of agrarian and industrial complex of Republic Adygea. The faculty of the economic theory and management of the personnel has been working on the following problems of regional economy and social labor spheres. The faculty of mathematical methods and informational technologies investigates problems: new formulas for the decision of one nonlinear system, information accounting technologies in automatic control systems.

The sphere of claming of graduates includes industrial and trade enterprises, banks, the state structures of management. Graduates of the faculty work far outside Adygea.

Institute of Arts
The institute of Arts of Adyghe State University was founded in 1997 on the basis of the faculty of Music and Pedagogy.

The graduates of the institute of Arts are practically all the teacher of the general music schools of Adyghe republic, most of the teachers are the teachers of schools of arts and leaders of the creative groups of our republic.

The integral part of students’ and teachers’ lives of the institute of art is active cultural and scientific activity that creates special creative atmosphere in the group. The students of the institute are winners of the Russian contests (Vologda - 2001), International contest "Folklore without borders" (Bolgariya-2004, 2005), International poster contest "Alliance against fur", Republican contest "Inspiration" and others. Only for the last 5 years more than 20 students of the institute have become winners of Russian contests of the scientific student works and have got the diplomas of the Ministry of the Russian Federation. A number of the leading teachers of the institute successfully concerns with concert activity.

In the Institute of Arts exists the scientific school "Music", within the framework of which studies of modern and traditional regional folklore is conducted, problems of the music formation, the studies of a particular region.

The international scientific and practical conferences "Harmonica: history, theory, morphology, ergologiya"(2006) and Russian scientifically-practical conference "Music and dance: questions of cooperation"(2007) were organised within the framework of the scientific school.

Post-graduate Education
Students can get post-graduate education in 21 specializations:

  • Biomechanics

  • Differential equations

  • Theoretical Physics

  • Ecology

  • Entomology studies

  • Physiology

  • History of Russia

  • World History

  • Historiography, studies of the resources, methods of research in History

  • Economics and management in the field of state industry

  • Mathematical and instrumental methods in Economics

  • Literature of the peoples in the Russian Federation

  • Folklore studies

  • Russian Language

  • Caucasian Languages

  • Theory of the Language studies

  • The basics of Pedagogy, history of Pedagogy and Education

  • Theory and methods of Education (Mathematics in the comprehensive secondary and high school)

  • Theory and methods of physical training, sports and fitness

  • Sociology of culture and spiritual life studies

There are 4 specializations in doctorate:

  • The basics of Pedagogy

  • Theory and methods of Physical training, sports and fitness

  • Biomechanics

  • Literature of the peoples of the Russian Federation

Scientific Work

Adyghe State University is well-known as an educational, cultural and scientific center of the republic. In the scientific work of Adyghe State University take part about 700 teachers, including 93 Ph.D.s, professors, 310 candidates and 200 postgraduate students.

As a whole, scientific researches are conducted on 24 basic directions within which the following scientific schools operate: pedagogic of the supreme and high school; actual problems of national schools of Northern Caucasus; problems of literary connections studying; the theory and a technique of Russian learning; historiography and methodology of history; the concept of high-zone structure of Caucasus; system of preparation of high class sportsmen; social and cultural processes on Northern Caucasus: the theory and practice.

Scientific work is conducted on the basis of 11 educational and scientific centers, 7 laboratories and 3 museums. Educational, zoological and mineralogical museums have the status of the unique objects in the hierarchy of the higher education institution. There 9 scientific schools at University. They are known in Russia and abroad. Adyghe State University holds about 40 practical scientific conferences of various levels, participate in international and Russian scientific forums.

Students of ASU are nominees of a number of the state Olympiads and open Russian competitions, laureates of international competitions, competitions held by the president of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Education, Academy of Science.

At university the international symposiums and conferences are carried out with participation of foreign lecturers and students and touching global problems of the modern world.


Center of culture and creativity has been created for the improvement of the students’ cultural and aesthetic education organization. The center actively cooperates with Association of Students of HIGH SCHOOLS of the Northern Caucasus, with creative and public organizations. Creative staff of ASU actively participates in activities of the city and republic importance. They act with charitable concerts in military units and orphanages.

Existence and activity of the center enable to realize students’ creativity, to develop abilities, to satisfy aesthetic requirements and not only for students but for teachers either. The center of culture and creativity unites work of several creative groups of ASU, including a faculty in which above 2000 students take part:1) the National ensemble of dance "NART", 2) the Drama school, 3) the ASU KVN Team, 4) Ensemble of variety dance "Face", 5) Dance-sport group " Break ", 6) Vocal ensembles, 7) Vocal studio " Class ", 9) Folklore ensemble "Dgiu", 10) Ensemble of variety -sport dance "Forward".

The center was the initiator of carrying out the annual students’ festival «Students’ Spring»

There is a sport club at ASU besides the Center of culture and creativity, in which students and teachers can be engaged. 25 sport sections and educational groups work within13 kinds of sports: sambo-wrestling and judo, volleyball, football, track and field athletics, table tennis, heavy athletics, sports orientation, tourism, chess, carat - up to. In sport sections up to 3000 students are engaged. Lasting many days backpacking, competitions, the championships, etc. are annually organized.

International Affairs
Adyghe State University has a significant and growing international dimension to its activities.

Adyghe State University is a member of the International Association of Universities at UNESCO. It has long-term agreements with William Patterson University (USA), Massarik University (Cheque Republic), Geidelbergsky University (Germany), State Natural Museum (Germany, Gerlitz), International Linguistic Center SIRL INTERNATIONAL (Germany) and other big international centers. For the period of 2003-2007 289 teachers and 875 students from Adyghe State University have gone abroad for an academic year and summer cultural programs, 44 teachers participated in the internship programs. There were 24 foreign teachers from Europe and the USA who taught at Adyghe State University. University accepted 82 foreign post-graduate students and teachers for the period 2003-2007. Adyghe State University has strong relations with the Circassian association abroad. Professors of the department of Adyghe Philology are used to going to the research expeditions to the East. Teachers of the institute of Arts regularly give concerts in European countries.

Students take part in such international cultural exchange programmes as Au Pair, Work and Travel, Internship (USA, France, Germany), PEP (USA, Great Britain), IREX, Fulbright, DAAD.

Professors, teachers and post-graduate students are active participants in the international educational programs DAAD, Fulbright and IREX. Adyghe State University invites teaching assistants to the faculties of Foreign Languages, Physics, Computer Science and Natural Science from the universities of France, Germany, Australia and the USA on a regular contract and recruit bases.

161 international students had been studying at Adyghe State University since 2003 to 2007. At present 67 international students from Jordan, Turkey, Sirea, Lebanon, China and Canada are getting education at different faculties of Adyghe State University.

The Russian language center accepts groups of students of all ages and nationalities. Choosing a course has never been easier, whatever your need, age, language level or ability, you will find what your looking for.

Welcome To Foreign Language Learning At Adyghe State University!
Adyghe State University offers language courses year-round to foreign students of 16 years old and above keen on learning and improving their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in the Russian language.

A course can be started on any Monday for 8 months. You will study for a minimum of 15 lessons (22 hours) per week (usually mornings) and there are optional afternoon classes.

You will learn and study: grammar activities, pronunciation, vocabulary building, and skills development in reading, writing, speaking, listening and interaction.

Adyghe State University arranges your accommodation and social program for you. It is a lively programme of activities outside class – including excursions to places of interest and various evening social events where they can practice their Russian and Adyghe with teachers, fellow students and locals.

The cost of the courses of the Russian language is 1200$, preparation of the invitation, visa and medical insuranse are included.

The accommodation fee is 600$ a year in the double roomwith all the necessary facilities.

Students can have 3 time meals a day in the University canteen for about 140$ a month.


Branches of Adyghe State University
There are branches at the Adyghe State University that provide education in the following fields:

  • Apsheronsk( Pedagogy and Methods of teaching in Primary School, Law)

  • Adygheysk (the Law science)

  • Belorechensk (Accounting, Pedagogy and Methods of teaching in Primary School, Economics and Management at an enterprise, Law)

  • Eisk (Pedagogy and Methods of teaching in Primary School)

  • Koshekhabl (Pedagogy and Methods of teaching in Primary School, Economics and Management at an enterprise)

  • Novorossiysk (Accounting)

  • Novokubansk (Design of Clothes, Physical Training)

  • Sochi (Automated systems of Information process and controlling, Accounting, Physical Training, Philology, Economics and Management at an enterprise, Law)

Address of Adyghe State University
385000, Russia, Adyghe Republic, Maykop, 208 Universitetskaya street.

The President of Adyghe State University

Dr.Rashid D. Khunagov

Tel.: (8772)521388

Fax: (8772) 570273

The department of international affairs

The head of the department

Susanna R. Tlekhatuk

Tel.: (8772)521388

Fax: (8772) 570273


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