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Housing Statistics

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Housing Statistics


  1. Massachusetts ranks 48th of 50 states in affordable housing stock – BG

  2. Massachusetts ranks 45th of 50 in percentage of residents who own their own home – BG

  3. Massachusetts ranks 47th of 50 for building permits issued per capita – BG

  4. Average single family home price in MA $365,553 in 2002, up 12.3% from $325,556 in 2001 (BG 11/17/02).

  5. Boston metropolitan area average home price is $534,727 in 2002, up 8.8% from $491,555 in 2001 (BG 11/17/02).

  6. MA average condo price $251,065 in 2002, up 15.1%, in Greater Boston in 2002 average condo price $327,371, a 10.6% increase from $294,972 in 2001 (BG 11/17/02).

  7. Two bedroom apartment in MA costs more than any other state – BG

  8. Worcester county 25th of 83 metropolitan areas in sprawl index, Boston 77th

  9. Bolton is the 10 ranked town for highest median income in the state at $102,798, a 24% growth over 1990, the growth rate was among the highest in the state as well. The statewide median income is $50,502. - BG

  10. 67% of Bolton residents have a college degree, double the statewide rate of 33%.

  11. Bolton population grew 32.40 % over 10 years compared with 5.5% for the state. Within the Minuteman sub-region we were ranked second in growth rate. Yet we are still a sparsely populated town at 208 persons per square mile. - MAPC

  12. While the regional job rate grew at 10% Bolton was one of the highest at 62% - MAPC

  13. Our unemployment rate is consistent with the state average of 2.7%, which is much lower than the national average. - MAPC

  14. Our growth rate of new housing units was 34.5% one of the highest in the state, but consistent with our population growth rate of 32.4%. - MAPC

  15. We are one of the few (20) towns in the state to issue zero multi-family unit permits over the last 10 years. - MAPC

  16. The tight housing market and accelerating median home price cause an affordability gap where an income of more than $150,000 is needed to afford a home of more than $400,000 (the low end of available homes in Bolton). - MAPC

  17. Families earning the median income could not afford the median priced single-family home in 112 of 161 communities in the greater Boston area. - BG

  18. A worker earning minimum wage would have to work 126 hours per month to afford a fair market rent in the Boston Metropolitan area. - MAPC

  19. Bolton is one of only six communities in the metropolitan area that does not have a public water supply. MAPC

  20. From 1997 to 2001 77% of newly created affordable housing owe their existence to 40B. – BG

  21. Single family home prices rose 14.9% to $306,121 on average for the state in 2001 - BG

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