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*Highlights* 2015-4, June 23 → in Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden – don’t miss

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*Highlights* 2015-4, June 23 → in

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden –


  1. An uncommon dandelion! Taraxacum pseudoroseum originates from Central Asia and is pink with a yellow eye. It is beautiful when fully open in sunshine, and is found in our Siberian slope.

  1. The four Patagonian ground sorrels (Oxalis). They are in full flower in our South America now, but only open their flowers during sunshine. The white O. loricata is the rarest one, but there are many variants of the others as well.

  1. Dark blue, bell-shaped Alpine Gentians in the Gentian collection.

  1. Intensely red Meconopsis punicea i Himalaya. This one is in the same genus as the famous blue poppies (just single flowers open yet), but dies after flowering, and needs to be renewed by seeds. Their long, elegant and pending petals look like a silken cloth used in Himalayan prayer flags.

  1. The nice, cushion-shaped and white-flowered forget-me-not from New Zealand (Myosotis cf. pulvinaris),

accompanied by a large, yellow buttercup (Ranunculus insignis).

  1. Polemonium boreale, an arctic jacob’s ladder in the upper plateau of our Arctic. A very rare species known from a single site in mainland Norway, but more common in Svalbard. In the southern entrance to our Arctic: the rare lousewort Pedicularis groenlandica – pink flowers with tiny elephant trunks.

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