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Herzen’s ‘My Past and Thoughts’ and Historical Identity

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T 3/22 Idealists [Kristin’s presentation]

Th 3/24 Terrorists/Assassins

  • Mikhail Bakunin and Sergei Nechaev, “Catechism of a Revolutionary” [e-reserves]

Recommended: Steven Marks, Chapter 1, “Organizing the Russian Revolution: The

RussianTerrorists” in How Russia Shaped the Modern World, pp. 7-37 [book]

T 3/29 Tolstoy

  • Isaiah Berlin, “Tolstoy and Enlightenment” in Russian Thinkers, pp. 238-260 [book]

  • Lev Tolstoy, “from ‘The Kingdom of God is Within You” from The Late Writings of Leo Tolstoy, pp. 44-64 [packet]

  • Lev Tolstoy, “Master and Man,” pp. 209-254 [packet]

Recommended: Steven Marks, Chapter 4, “Tolstoy and the Non-Violent Imperative,” pp. 102-

139 [book]


Th 3/31 Samodurs

  • Chekhov, “In the Ravine,” pp. 461-512 [packet]

  • James L. West, “The Riabushinsky Circle: Burzhuaziia and Obshchestvennost’ in Late Imperial Russia, pp. 41-56 [pdf]

Due: Monday, April 4, Paper #2

T 4/5 Patrons: Visit to the Mead [Katie’s presentation]

  • John E. Bowlt, “The Moscow Art Market” in Late Imperial Russia, pp. 108-128 [pdf]

Recommended: Steven Marks, Chapter 6 “Conveying Higher Truth Onstage: Ballet and Theater, pp. 176-227 [book]

Th 4/7 Revolution of 1905

  • Henry Troyat, Chapter VII (“The Workers”) from Daily Life in Russia under the Last Tsar, pp. 87-107 [pdf]

  • Sidney Harcave, Chapters 4 and 5, from First Blood: The Russian Revolution of 1905 [pdf]

Film: Sergei Eisenstein, “Battleship Potemkin” [e-reserves]

T 4/12 Bolshevik Revolution [Noella’s presentation]

Katerina Clark, “The Distinctive Role of Socialist Realism in Soviet Culture” and “The Positive Hero in Pre-Revolutionary Fiction,” from The Soviet Novel, pp. 3-24 and 46-67 [pdf]
Film: Vsevolod Pudovkin, “Mother” (1926)

Th 4/14 Collectives

Andrey Platonov, The Foundation Pit

Tues 4/19 Stalin [Evgenia’s presentation]

Platt and Brandenburger, “Ivan the Terrible” in Epic Revisionism: Russian History and Literature as Stalinist Propaganda, pp. [pdf]
Film: Sergei Eisenstein, “Ivan the Terrible,” Parts I and II

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