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General comments

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General comments:
Your text is still very difficult to read and understand. Sorry ‘bout that. I suggest that you articulate two separate criterion for judging the dials in Part I and Part II (e.g. Part I requires carefully drawn tangent lines of equal spacing, etc. Part II does not require a chart of EOT, but 90 degree angles between gnomon and 6-6, etc)
Part I

Why are digital photos preferred ?? If I gave you a digital disk on the night of doing my graphical dial, would you as the judge be happy?? Is there a implicit that both student and judge have a computer available??

I still don't like the before and after March. What happens if we do this at some other time of the year... I know why you want it, but I don't like it.

Why 24 hours????

Does the judge use the recorded watch time, the shadow and the student supplied EOT? (or his own EOT??).
Part II A

Most graphical methods, although using a divided circle, do not consider themselves "derived from an equatorial sundial". Sorry, I know you love the equatorial.

Part II B

I'm sorry, but question 3 is "skill", not knowledge. I realize that students are expected to read charts, but (not seeing the graphic), I do not believe that this is the same. You already have two Parts of skill.

Not mentioned is (a) does the *team* take one test, or (b) does each individual on the team take the same/different test?

I see that reference note (3) must reference note (2). Any way to simplify this??

Suggest that your reference note (5) be expanded to so that it is understood that during Part II-A, creating an EOT graph is not required.
Suggest that your reference note (6) be expanded to give a reference or web link. Oops mea culpa, found the reference given for the judges.

Need to make them aware how to use EOT graph or where to obtain them. I’ve seen them drawn both ways.

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