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Fourth Grade Franklin Township School Quakertown, New Jersey, usa

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Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Third Grade

School-gymnasium #10

Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Jenny Wade
When I was off from school for Presidents Holiday this past February, I

went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania with my family. Gettysburg is a famous

travel destination because of its history. During the American Civil War,

where northern states fought against southern states, a battle was fought

in Gettysburg for three days at the beginning of July 1863. It was the

turning point of the Civil War because the south lost.

A famous person from the Battle of Gettysburg was Jenny Wade. She was a

young woman in her early 20’s. Jenny Wade was in town that summer to help

her sister. She woke early on the morning of July 3, 1863 to bale bread.

A sniper’s bullet shot through the door and hit Jenny. She was the only

civilian killed in the battle.
This is the reason Jenny Wade is famous in the town of Gettysburg. If you

get a chance to go, visit the Jenny Wade House. It is the place where she

was killed, and is now a museum.

Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Where Did Our County Come From
We live in the prettiest county in New Jersey. I has almost everything a

person could want hills, creeks, rivers, farming soil, fields, farms, and

villages from time ago. Hunterdon County was the biggest county in the

state. As the time went on, other counties were formed from Hunterdon.

These new counties were: Morris County, Warren, Sussex, and Mercer.
It took two days traveling by horse to get from one end of Hunterdon

County to the other side. More people lived in Hunterdon County during the

America’s War of Independence than any other county. There were so many

grinding grains mills Hunterdon County became known as “The Breadbasket of

the Revolution.” That is where Hunterdon County came from.

Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

The Red Mill

About five minutes from my house is an old mill called The Red Mill. It

is a building next to the South Branch of the Raritan River in Clinton,

New Jersey, and has a water wheel connected to it that still turns today.

It was used to grind corn into flour over 100 years ago. The Red Mill is

the most photographed place in New Jersey. It is pretty because there is

a waterfall in front of it. When my family goes to an ice cream place

near the mill we always walk to the river and watch the waterfall.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Immigrants are important to our county. Everyone in the United States is

an immigrant except the Native Americans. The first immigrants to settle

in Hunterdon County , New Jersey , where I live , were English Quakers ,

Germans , French , and Dutch. Hunterdon County grew faster than any other

part of New Jersey. Without immigrants America be as diverse as it is


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Famous people
There are a lot of famous people in our country. I know almost 30 of

them. There is Bill Gates, he is like the world’s richest man. The

reason why Bill is so rich is because he owns Microsoft. Microsoft is a

company where they make software for the computers. Bill Gates owns that.

Bill Gates has over $46 billion dollars. He is one of the most famous

people in the United States.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Famous Street Names

I am going to tell you about a famous board game, Monopoly. When you

think about Atlantic City you think about casinos, the boardwalk, the

beach, and Steel Pier, but other people think of Monopoly. Monopoly is a

game when you buy, sell, rent, or mortgage a spot on the board. The range

of the spots is from 60 to 400 Monopoly dollars (not real money). The

game pieces are a dog, a wheelbarrow, a hat, a train, an iron, a ship, a

car, a horse and rider, a shoe, a thimble, a spinning wheel, and a bag of

money. The spots on the board that are street names are St. James Place,

New York Ave., Indiana Ave., Pennsylvania Ave., Park Place, Pacific Ave.,

Atlantic Ave., Baltic Ave., Oriental Ave., Mediterranean Ave., and

Boardwalk. I choose to tell this to you because it’s like a board game

come to life, and that is why I choose this topic.

Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Nature and Animals
In my town there is a lot of nature and animals. There are a lot of

different kinds of birds, deer and plants. I like to look at them some

times, especially the bird’s colors. There are also skunks and

groundhogs. That is some nature and animals in my town.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Battle of Trenton

With all of New Jersey in the British hands by the end of 1776,the British

were confident that the Revolution was all but down. With about 2,400 men,

General George Washington crossed the Delaware River on Christmas Eve of

1776 north of Trenton at Mckonkey’s Ferry. By dawn of December 26, this

northern element of his three-prong attack completely surprised and

overwhelmed the Hessians garrison at Trenton (then County Seat of

Hunterdon County). After a brief resistance, about 900 of the Hessians

were captured along with their arms and equipment. Nearly 3,000 men had

made up Washington's under and southern attack elements, but storms and

heavy river ice had prevented their crossing and allowed over 400 Hessians

to escape southward. Washington had planned to hold Trenton and strike

northward towards to New York-but with only part of his troops across, he

was still outnumbered by nearby British Continentals and had to withdraw

back to Mckonkey’s Ferry. On December 26 he re-crossed back into

Pennsylvania, taking his captured troops and material with him. Many have

called this battle the “turning point” of the Revolution.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

American Idol

American Idol is a show where thousands of people sing and see if they’re

good or bad. The three judges on the show are Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson,

and Simon Cowell. If the judges say they are good they go on the next

round. If they are bad they leave the show. After what the judges say

the host says “now its up to you to choose the next American Idol” and if

you want you can go on the Web site and vote whom you think was the best

singer that night. At the last night of the show they announce who is the

next American Idol. American Idol is the #1 show in America.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

The Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad was a network of people who helped slaves escape

to the north part of our country and Canada. The Underground Railroad was

not a real railroad. Usually the slaves just hid in barns under the hay.

The people that helped the slaves escape were mostly free blacks and most

whites. During this time period the southern part of our country lost

about 100,000 slaves between 1810 and 1850. For the slave, running away to

the north was not easy. They would escape from their master, for many

slaves this meant relying on their own resources. They would usually

travel 10 to 20 miles until they got to the next station where they would

rest and eat. After the long trip the slaves would be free!


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

In New Jersey a long time ago we had a revolutionary war against the

British. A brave commander, named Gorge Washington, who fought a lot of

wars, led the Americans. He lead the Americans to a lot of victories he

was a grate commander. Also a lot of times in wars he had holes in his hat

and clothing. After returning home he got sick and died.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City, New Jersey is a city with interesting names of streets.

Atlantic City streets running parallel to the ocean are named after the

world’s great bodies of water, Pacific, Atlantic, Baltic, Mediterranean,

Adriatic, and Arctic. The streets, which run east to west, are named

after the States, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Illinois,

Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana. The United States of America also has a

very popular board game called “Monopoly.” It is played by almost

everyone in the United States at least once in their lifetime. The spaces

on the “Monopoly” board are named after the streets of Atlantic City. I

think Atlantic City has really cool names of streets.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

This story is a legend that happened during Revolutionary War times in the

1700’s. The Revolutionary War was the war between Great Britain and

America for our independence. General George Washington was a major

general in the war. According to this legend, you will find out that he

was a very lucky general. George Washington fought in many battles. In

those battles he was shot at many times and either it just missed him, or

went through his hat or jacket. Sometimes Washington had his horses shot

out from him! The soldiers who saw his clothing after the war thought it

was odd that all the shots had barely missed his body. General George

Washington was a great leader and a Very Lucky man!


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

The Lenape

The Lenapes were one of the two groups of people living in early NJ.

Their tribe name, Lenape, meant ordinary people. Lenapes also populated

southern New York, eastern Pennsylvania, and northern Delaware. They

spoke two languages. Explorers from long ago described them as tall and

well built with black hair and eyes. Men and woman wore tattoos. They

used a thorn or a needle to pierce the skin. Soot or clay was used to rub

into the bleeding skin. Then bear fat was used to prevent infections.

During the winter, young girls made turkey feather capes for warmth, but

also to show off their talents. Woman wore deerskin capes and leggings

and men wore fur capes and leggings as woman do.
The Lenape believed in a god, called the Creator. One legend says that

the bridge to heaven is guarded by dogs. Anyone cruel to an animal is

kept from joining the Creator. The Creator had many helpers. A famous

helper was Mesingw. His job was to protect animals, but also had to see

to it that a man had enough to eat. The Lenape believed Mesingw could

grant any wish.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

One of the famous people in the United States is Tom Brady. He is the

Quarterback for the New England Patriots. Football is a sport where

people throw a ball that look like two ice cream cones put together and

they try to make touchdowns and field goals. He is 6’4’’ and weighs 225.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

The King of England created Hunterdon County in 1714. Hunderton County

was originally in Burlington. The original Hunderton County was the

biggest county in the whole state! It went all the way from the Assunpink

Creek in Trenton to the New York state border. As time went on, several

other counties were carved out of old Hunterdon. They were: Warren

County; Morris County; Sussex County (which was cut off Warren), and last,

in 1839, Mercer County was founded.


Fourth Grade

Franklin Township School

Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

Third Grade

School-gymnasium #10

Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan

Ust-Kamenogorsk is my native place.

My city is one of the biggest towns in Kazakhstan. It was founded in 1720. This town is also very friendly. Nearly 365000 people of different nationalities live there. They are: Russian, Kazakh, Koreans, Ukrainians and some others.

Beautiful nature of my city is rich of different plants. There are some parks in it. In Keerov’s park there are exotic plants which were gathered from different places of Kazakhstan. In Jumbuls Park there are a lot of beautiful wild animals-wolves, bears, a fox, a deer and even a camel. People often go to this park to have a rest, look at the animals and enjoy them. In summer children with their parents have an opportunity to visit the park with different amusements. In our town there are some museums, a theatre, large palace of sports and other places of interests. Also there some banks that render financial support for people and where citizens can save their money. Teenagers can visit cinemas where they can watch different movies.

In my town you can find two large rivers-the Ulba river and the Irtysh river. In summer people can go fishing and swimming there, but in winter they are frozen. You can go along the modern and very beautiful embankments if you want to have a rest.

My town is a student’s town. There are a lot of schools, two universities, and many colleges. Students study three languages-Russian, Kazakh, and English and if they want they can study German. There are many foreigners in my town. So if someone wants to communicate with them he/she can visit Pushkin’s library where the native-speakers organized special courses.

There are three churches and two mosques. People can visit them in their free time.

Some words about traditions. As far as people of different nationalities live there all their traditions are kept there. So, we celebrate Russian traditional holiday Maslenitsa at the end of winter. People eat pancakes with honey, sugar, sour cream and sometimes with caviar. Scarecrow is burnt during this holiday and it means that spring comes. The other tradition is Naurys. Its the Kazakh tradition and Kazakh people consider that the March 22 is the beginning of the new year. Spring comes, nature is awakening and everything is full of life.

So, I live in one of the most beautiful place of the world- in the city

School # 10


Our native town Ust-Kamenogorsk takes place at the bank of the river Irtish, which starts in China.

Major Likharev based our town in 1720. He was the leader of expedition in “Belovodie”, because they wanted to find gold and silver. Though they didn’t find any gold or silver, they found out, that our land was rich in animals, fish, also they found out that our soil was very rich too.

That was a long time ago ... But now?

Our population is about 450 thousand. (For 280 years people had eliminated (had eaten) the majority of the natural resources).

Also in our town we have some plants and some of them are unique. Their production is used on different factories of Russia and other countries.

Our region is a wonderful place for entertainment and relaxation if you live in industrious town.

You are welcome!

A TOUR THROUGH MY NATIVE TOWN The first discoverer of UST-KAMENOGORSK was famous great person Licharev. UST-KAMENOGORSK is situated in Asia. The first people who lived in UST-KAMENOGORSK were busy in developing industry: plants, factories, museums, theatres and so on. UST-KAMENOGORSK is the most important industrial town. It's famous by its plants such as lead-Zinc complex. This is one of the important factories of UST-KAMENOGORSK. GES is the important GYDROELECTRIESTATION of UST-KAMENOGORSK which has built on the river IRTYSH. This station provides us with electricity and warmth in our houses. Our city is a very beautiful because there are a lot of wonderful width avenues, squares, streets and embankments. Some time ago people of UST-KAMENOGORSK have built very wide and Long Avenue which is situated near the beautiful and wonderful Lenin's square. In our nice town there are some very beautiful churches and a mosque. Many people who live in UST-KAMENOGORSK go for a walk along the beautiful avenue with their friends and girlfriends .Oh ...It is the most wonderful time. These avenues are light, width and there are aplenty of trees. In hot summer people swim in these rivers and have a rest with their lovely parents and relatives on their banks. The other beautiful places of human's wonders are Lenin's and Ushanov's squares. In these squares people can celebrate different holidays: for example the day of constitution, victory's day, our beautiful national holiday NOURIZ, and the best wonderful beautiful holiday the New Year .In UST-KAMENOGORSK there are many museums: for example ethnographical museum. In these museums there are many masterpieces which are made of wood, many pictures, clothes and other different things. The biggest and famous cinema YUBILEYNUI is situated on Lenin's square. There are many big, nice palaces of culture in my town . For example central palace of culture is the most important palace in our industrial, big, wonderful and lovely town UST-KAMENOGORSK.

Asetov Madiy Schooll #10 Kazakhstan
I live in Kazakstan. I go to school number 10 in Yst-Kamenogorsk.It is very interesting to go to this school, but it isn’t easy to study in it. I learn a lot of different subjects. My classroom is comfortable and always clean. We have many trees and flowers near our school and so, when it is warm and the weather is fine there are lot children outdoors.

Kazakstan is my country. It is situated in Asia. Fauna is also rich. There are a lot of forests, fields, lakes, small rivers, some of them are very beautiful. The main river is Irtysh. It flows into the big and long river Ob in Russia.

There are many old and new towns, famous for their history. Kazak people living there have a lot of traditions and customs.


School # 10


This is my school.

There are a lot of schools in the world & they are all very different. I want to tell you about our Ust-Kamenogorsk school. I study in the gymnasium #10. There are over 900 students and about 80 teachers. The school is very big. There are 3 floors and 2 parts. One part is for primary school & another is for the secondary and high school, where students from the 5th up to the 11th grades study. There are a lot of classrooms. Each classroom is different from another one. You can see the pictures of the famous writers and scientists everywhere. Also there are a lot of flowers in the classrooms to make the air better. I think it’s very good. In some classrooms there are little libraries, where you can take a book, read it and bring it back. Students can make some pictures, write poems and hang in their classrooms. So, you can decorate your classroom yourself.

I’d like to tell you that our school is our own republic. The name of it is “Tri O”(“Three O”). It stands for three very good qualities of people, these “O”s are the beginning of these words in Russian so it cannot be translated into English with the same beginning. We have the president of “Tri O”. We elect him or her to solve school problems and to make the student a part of school director. And also classes are little republics. Each class has a president, prime- minister and ministers working with different directions of school life. Such as the minister of culture, the minister of health and others. Every week we have a meeting of the presidents. They solve school problems and after it the president of each class tells inhabitats in his republic about the decisions and news. We haven’t got punishment for those who disobey but we have a competition among the classes. And the class that has the best discipline is rewarded.

We have a uniform. It has a color of the matured cherry. You can wear anything you like of this color. But the clothes must not be striped and bright. I think students like their uniform, it is not very boring and you can wear what you want.

Usually we have seven lessons. And each lesson lasts 40 minutes, and we have 10 - minute breaks between them. We start at 8.00,and we go home at 14.00.

Here is the list of subjects we have in the 9th form: History, History of Kazakhstan, Kazakh, English, German, Russian, Chemistry, Drawing, Biology, Mathematics (Algebra & Geometry), Geography, Literature, Computer Sciences, Physics, Handicraft, Economy, Physical Education, Government.

Also we have a ’’School of Tomorrow’’ that is called ’’Howard School’’. It’s a separate part of school where the 6th grade is the oldest one for now. Students studying there have 15 lessons of English a week. Also they have a lot of lessons of Computer Sciensces, Valeology, Logic and others. Pupils

have a lot of opportunities to show their talent. The School varies from usual by high sum of paying for education. Parents pay about $ 100 a month to make their children be developed at many spheres well. Of course, not all people can avoid it. That is why we have usual primary school.

We have our own constitution, anthem, flag and Republic emblem. Every quarter we have solemn meeting of all classes where the anthem is sung and the flag is carried by three best students. Each class has it’s own emblem, flag where the laws of Republic are written.

We have our school 20-page newspaper that’s title is ’’ V desyatochku’’ ( ’’Exactly’’, ’’Into ten’’-due to the number of our school).The director and main editor is professional journalist. And reporters are students. Also we have DEBATE CLUB. I hope you know what it is. There are two teams; their task is to convince the opponents and auditorium in different points of opinion.

Our school has a COURT OF HONOUR. It contains judges from our school. They think about faith of people who has done something bad.

Well, I hope my narrative has made you be interested in education in Kazakhstan. Of course, not all schools in our country are alike and not all of them are like mine. I think that’s cool, because you can choose any school you want to study in.

Student team.

School-gymnasium #10


The folk of our region.

People of different nationalities live in our region. It happened so because of some historical circumstances during our long history.

Nowadays they are united in their ethnic economic and cultural life. How did it start? The first fort was made at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Russian people who lived in our region at that time were very interesting and unique. They were Raskolniks, old-believers, convicted who run away and peasants. Specific features of life “ in stones” influenced the character traits of Russian people. For this reason culture of this region developed originally. Regional features influenced the Russian folk. At that time the men, who lived in that region, were married to Kazak women. Because there weren’t enough Russian women. The relationship among relatives influenced the folk of our region. Genres of Russian folk in the East of Kazakhstan are various. Songs, chastooshkas, proverbs and saying , tails are the most widespread of the folk genres.

Yuliya Bondarenko



Love’s song

Parted boy with the girl,

Parted with his soul

Shouted and whistled loudly

«Come up to me, Dunya, honey

We will talk a little bit with you»

«I would like to come to you

And I would like to come to you,

But I’m afraid of my husband!!!

Come to me, thunder,

And kill him – my husband».

Thunder come up to her

But it didn’t kill her husband

But it killed her lover.

Maxim Grigiryev

Oh, my flowers from the field

I liked to water you so much

Oh, where are you – my youth

I’ll have to forget about you

Oh, little bird! Please, don’t sing me so early

Please, don’t sing me at the dawn

Don’t give a sorrow to my heart

Don’t give it to me on a stranger side (in a country)

Here is no one to tell about grief

I will go to my country,

Where my dear mother lives

Please, don’t sew me a white dress,

Because it doesn’t suit me.

I’ll ask you to sew me a yellow dress,

Because I live in parting with my boy friend

Angelina Dementyeva



Proverbs and saying.

The real hero is who loves his native country.

Bad husband make your life longer.
Grass in for summer, woods is for winter.
Nightingale doesn’t sing in the garden without flowers.
A cold stove can’t warm you.
Guest is good only for three days.
Give with hands, take back with legs.
Yulya Milyoshkina




One playing shakes rote above ground , gradually increasing speed. Other players jump through it. Everyone says:

The boat shakes,

The week begins:

Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday,

Friday, Saturday,


Who can’t jump, that goes to shake rote and replaced by him playing goes to jump.

Anton Gordeev.




Playing are considered. Who has remained- drivers, that is catches up other playing . When escaping he gets tired speaks:

Four, four,

I on a break.

After that driving there is no right him to catch up. If playing has had a rest and wishes to take part again, he speaks:

Five, five,

I have come again.

If playing leaves game and does not wish to come back, informs it:

Seven, seven,

I’ve left absolutely.

Anton Gordeev.




The people who are playing are sitting down except one . One of them holds ring between his two palm and goes round players stops before each one and gives somebody ring. He leaves the ring to somebody and move away and says:

Ring, ring,

Go out to the porch.

The person who has the ring must run to him. People who is sitting near him try to detain him. If the players detain him, he’ll stay among with sitting players.

Badiganova Adina.



“A honest dog”

Once upon a time grandma and grandpa lived in a village. They had a dog with name Funtik. One day hobes came and begun to sing a song:

We will come and eat grandpa and grandma.

. The dog heard they and started barking. In the morning grandpa woke up and asked dog, why it barked during the night. I couldn’t sleep. And cut her a tail.

On the next night hobes came again and dog barked all the night. Hobes ran away. In the morning grandpa asked the dog why it barked and cut dog’s

paws. Next night hobes came again, dog barked and in the morning grandpa cut dog's heard. Those night hobes came . Nobody barked . So they came and ate grandpa and grandma.

Evgeniy Kim


A cat, a ram and goat”

Once upon a time grandpa, grandma, a cat, a ram and a goat lived together. One day a cat, a ram, a goat decided to walk in a forest. They said the grandma to bake a bread. Grandpa and grandma cried but couldn’t do anything. So the animals went to the forest. They went to long and then they saw a head of a wolf. A cat said: “ Take it , may be we’ll need it”. Some time later they saw a fire three wolves sat near it. Wolves wanted to eat they, but the goat took off the wolf’s head from the sack and showed it to wolves. Wolves saw it and ran away. The cat, the ram and the goat sat near the fire and warmed well. Then they decided to go further. Then they saw wolves again. Wolves were reburying . And our friends hid in the rush. Wolves wanted to find them and made wheel of fortune to find them. They saw the goat but he cried:” catch them, catch !!!” All wolves afraid again and they‘ve gone away. The cat, the ram and the goat came back home.

Olga Lee.


Ivan- fool”

There were a grandfather and a grandmother. There were three sons: Grisha, Misha and Ivan-fool. Grisha and Misha were hardworking, but Ivan was lazy. All work, but Ivan eats pancakes. Their parents were died. One day Ivan was along at home. His brothers were on a field. Ivan has made a doll has gone with it to merchant. He has put her on barrel with honey. The merchant wanted to take some honey but itself unintentionally has dropped a doll in honey. Ivan shouts: < You what for have killed my mother?> The merchant was frightened and has given back a barrel of honey to Ivan. Ivan was glad. He treats the brothers. And those thought and decide to leave Ivan. They prepared the bag with meal. But Ivan

has heard them and he drags out the meal and gets into the bag.

The brothers have hidden him but it was late. Suddenly they’ve heard votes. They were rogues. The brothers have get on a tree. Ivan has thrown the doll to them. They’ve frightened and have escaped. Then the brothers go to a familiar court yard, which three sisters live. The brothers decide to be married. But sisters’ father gave a task to grooms. Only Ivan has executed it and he has married the girl. And his brothers couldn’t do it - They haven’t enough mind.

Gleb Ganagin.




I live in Lenin street. Lenin is a leader of Russian revolution in 1917. This street is very long. This is the loudest street in our town. There are many houses and cars in this street. I like my street very much.




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