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Diary of Harry J. E. Burtenshaw 45040 27 Kite Balloon Section Royal Flying Corp

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Diary of Harry J.E. Burtenshaw


27 Kite Balloon Section

Royal Flying Corp


The Diaries contain various notes, names & addresses which are repeated below. Some are personal such as family and friends, whilst others are clearly fellow servicemen. It may not be possible in every case to be certain which is which.
On one page he has written the following and it can be assumed this was an agreed way of opening a letter to let his wife know where he was at that time. Servicemen were not allowed to reveal where they were.
My Dear Nell - France

My Dear Wife - Salonica

My Dearest Nell - Mesopotamia

My Dearest Wife - Egypt
His diaries do not show him serving in the latter two.

Mr. Denyer, 105 Dersingham Avenue, Manor Park, E. (this was two roads from his home address. His daughter May’s wedding certificate shows her address as 64 Dersingham Ave. although she lived at the family home at 31 Parkhurst Road. Harry’s mother-in-law was Elizabeth Denyer from the Worthing area of Sussex, also he made diary notes of meeting Denyer from Worthing. There is no clue where these Denyers link with the family.
Mrs. Shawyer, Morris Cottage, 1 Belmont Road, Chiswick, London, W.
Mr. Burtenshaw, 12 Hethpool Street, Paddington Green, London, W.
Mr. Farren, 97 Blair Street, Poplar, E.
Mrs. Lloyd, 51 Water Street, Neath, South Wales.
Mrs. Churchill, Pine Cottage, Chitterne, Nr. Codford, Wilts.
Miss Burtenshaw, 33 Madely Rd, Ealing, London, W.
Rev. Rainold J.R. Skipper, 20 Canonbury Place, London, N.
Mr. J. Gilbert, 32 Portland Avenue, Stamford Hill, London, N 16.
Mrs. H.W. Dawson, Impress of India ( ? ) , Loristan (Lauriston?) Road, South Hackney, London, N.E.
Mrs. Burtenshaw, 59 Dudley Rd, Eastbourne. (this one has been crossed out)
Chaplin Bros. Limited, Waltham Cross.
J. Manning, 63 Parkhurst Rd.
The diaries are written in pencil throughout except for the following three names which are in ink :
William Ogg, 1 Wallace Lane, Turriff, Aberdeenshire,
William Macgregor, 94 Earlston Avenue, Townhead, Glasgow,
Mr. Clinch, 29a Yukon Rd, Balham Hill.
Mr. Allen, 48 Avenue Road, Clapton
Gunner Fred Burgess, 78676 R.F.A., A Battery 71st Brigade.
Bd. C. Turpin, 49276 R.G.A., 25th Battery Trench Motars, 25 Division
Colour Sergeant Major Bishop, Marlborough Camp, Boulogne, France.
Private Will Virgoe, No. 168433 M.T.A.S.C., No. 6 Company C Section, Pennington Camp, Grove Park, Lee, Kent.
Segt. E. Lloyd, 44 Field Battery, Scotton Camp, Catterick, Yorkshire.
Pri. W. Watkins, 574740, 41 Labour Group, 96th Labour Company, B.M.E.F. Salonica.
Ernie Baxter, 339179 A.S.C.M.T. Base M.T., Salonica.

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