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Chapter 9 The Metis Rise Up What was the Red River Resistance Page 273 – 274

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Chapter 9 The Metis Rise Up
What was the Red River Resistance Page 273 – 274

  1. Why did the people of the Red River begin to resist a plan of the Hudson Bay Company, Britain and Canada? When did they start to resist?

  2. How much money in dollars did Canada pay the Hudson Bay Company for Rupert’s Land? When was it sold?

  3. Why did the Metis people of the Red River disagree with this Canada’s plan?

  4. What attracted many people to the Red River settlement?

  5. How much of the population was Metis?

  6. How much of the population spoke English?

  7. In which of today’s provinces do we find the red River settlement?

  8. What are the names of the rivers that flow through the Red River settlement?

  9. What is the name of the major center in the Red River settlement?

History Happens Page 275 – 276

  1. What was making all the noise in the article?

  2. What makes all the noise on the carts?

  3. What are the people of the Red River involved in with the Hudson’s Bay Company?

  4. What sound is very pleasant in the Red River settlement?

  5. What kind of lots do the families live on? Why is this good for building community?

  6. What are two other things the river lots are good for?

  7. How do you get to the Red River settlement in the winter?

  8. What are four things that have caused stress on the red River settlement?

What Triggered the Red River Resistance? Page 277 - 278

  1. What was particularly troubling for the people of the Red River?

  2. When the surveyors came to survey the land they were kind of breaking the law. Explain how they were doing this.

  3. What were the surveyors doing to the fur trade and the Metis way of life?

  4. What did Louis Riel do in October 1869?

  5. What did Metis volunteers do to the new lieutenant-governor ?

  6. What other thing did the Metis do to show their displeasure?

  7. What kind of government was set up by the Metis and who was its president?

  8. What symbol is on the Metis flag and what does it represent?

  9. In the Declaration on Page 278 what was Canada called? strange power

  10. What did the people refuse to do in this Declaration?

  11. What will they continue to oppose?

  12. What are they ready to do according to the Declaration? What is their goal?

History Happens Page 279 - 280

  1. Why does the writer in the first letter want Mr. MacDonald to take possession of Rupert’s Land?

  2. What does he warn Mr. MacDonald about?

  3. What type of person wrote the second letter on Page 279?

  4. Why are there so many French people in the Red River?

  5. What was the first language spoken in Western Canada?

  6. Why are the two questions that the writer of the third article asks and is mad about?

  7. When does the writer say the people of the Red River may enter into Confederation?

  8. In the first article on Page 280 what are two things that the First Nations did not agree on?

  9. What does the Royal Proclamation of 1763 say about the First Nations? ( 2 things)

  10. How do the Americans feel about the Red River situation?

What Made Louis Riel a Leader? Page 281

  1. What kind of community was St. Boniface, where Louis Riel was born?

  2. Why did Louis Riel stick out in his community?

  3. What opportunity did he see in the transfer of Rupert’s Land to Canada in 1869?

  4. What would Confederation give the settlement? What would it control?

  5. Who would Confederation establish rights for?

  6. What type of government was established by Riel?

  7. How was this government improved in February of 1870?

Meeting Louis Riel Page 282 – 284

  1. Who was Nathaniel Langford?

  2. Name five things that Nathaniel saw in Louis Riel?

  3. Who was Robert Cunningham?

  4. What did the Metis want according to Cunningham?

  5. How do you know the Metis are angry about the selling of the Red River Territory by the HBC?

  6. What do the Metis want the government to do? What do they promise to do if the government comes to negotiate?

  7. How does Cunningham insult Riel in his description of him?

  8. How does Cunningham portray Riel as being a little bit crazy?

The Death of Thomas Scott Page 285

  1. What did a group of Ontario settlers try to do?

  2. What did this group of settlers believe?

  3. How were they racist?

  4. What Happened in February ,1870?

  5. What happened in March, 1870?

  6. Why was Riel blamed for this death?

  7. How did the people of Ontario use this death according to the article?

  8. What did Louis Schmidt think about the action of the Red River government?

  9. What does the announcement want for Riel?

The Manitoba Act Page 286 – 288

  1. What did the Manitoba Act do?

  2. What were 4 things the Metis people wanted in the Manitoba Act?

  3. What were 2 things that the First Nations wanted in the Manitoba Act?

  4. What did the people in Ontario want?

  5. What did the Canadian Government want?

  6. What were five things that the Manitoba Act gave the people of Manitoba? (look at the see-saw)

  7. What were the Metis not totally happy with the Manitoba Act?

  8. Why weren’t many Metis “qualified voters”?

  9. When did Manitoba join Confederation?

  10. What major difference to you see in the Manitoba of 1870 and the Manitoba of today( look at the map)?

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