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Billie Ray Martin DJ Info:

Billie Ray Martin started DJing after the fabulous response she received to her sets at her London clubnight “Komputerliebe”, and she hasn’t looked back since. From Japan and New York to London, South America and Frankfurt her unique brand of Electro and Tech goes down a storm. As well as DJing and performing around the UK and across Europe, her last single ‘Undisco Me’ was released last year and made it into the UK dance charts top 5 and the Billboard top 20. The new single is getting its final touches at the moment and should be out at the end of the year.
Billie delivers a distinctive and spot-on set of cutting-edge Tech-House, Emotional Techno, House and hard but soulful Electro.
Electronic music for the connoisseur…


…Billie Ray Martin takes to the decks with a fresh and personal approach.

In addition to this, Billie performs live worldwide. On stage Billie delivers a ferocious and mind-blowing performance, to electrifying effect. With Larry Lush and other guest musicians on electronics, her unique blend of electronic soulfulness is perfectly suited for clubs, live venues as well as special events.

The non-stop Electronic Cabaret of Billie Ray Martin

"The singer is Billie Ray Martin and she’s one of the living legends in modern music history and one of the best voices on planet earth."

Billie Ray Martin is the thinking man’s diva, never being afraid to take a chance and push forward.”

Dean Thatcher

Dubbed the “queen of electronic soul”, Billie Ray Martin first came to prominence leading the acclaimed deep house act Electribe 101, her unique voice hitting the house scene as well as the charts with a infusion of soul. Electribe 101 scored a brace of hits including the classic “Talking With Myself” before Billie departed to continue exploring fusions of electronic music and soul. After releasing the thoroughly scary “Persuasion” with Spooky and the monumentally beautiful “Four Ambient Tales” with The Grid, Billie found herself with a worldwide number 1 in “Your Loving Arms”; now considered one of the all-time classics of dance music. Three more hits and the album “Deadline for My Memories” followed.


Since then Billie has worked with Ann Peebles, Carla Thomas and members of Aretha Franklin's band on her album "18 Carat Garbage", and has continued to release cutting edge electronic productions, including her 'No Brakes On My Rollerskates' and 'Dead Again' singles, and hit collaborations with DJ Hell and Slam.

She is currently working on her new solo album; the first single “Undisco Me”, released on Rebirth in 2008, received an overload of praise and plays and top spots in the UK and US dance charts.


Meanwhile, Billie and Robert Solheim have formed a new project, The Opiates. Already dubbed “the Carpenters of electro”, they have finished their album “Hollywood Under The Knife” to be released in may 2010 on Billie's Disco Activisto label. A much buzzed about gig at London's Rough Trade shop introduced their highly acclaimed first 2008 release 'Anatomy of a Plastic Girl'.


A further collaboration with DJ Hell, entitled ‘Silver Machine’, has just been released on the Japanese version of his new album and a new solo single will be released in may 2010.

Clubs played:

Billie Ray Martin

List of recent shows and DJ gigs


Komputerliebe, 43 SOUTH MOLTON, London (UK)

ElectroGoGo, MADAME JO JO'S, London (UK)
Oxfam Christmas Record Shop, 93 FEET EAST, London (UK)
Whatever - Hotel Motel Nights, THE OLD BLUE LAST, London (UK)

Cowboys vs Robots, CUBE & STAR, London (UK)

Komputerliebe, CUBE & STAR, London (UK)
Caffé Borsa, BORSA DISCO CLUB, Mantova (Italy)
dj set + live performances athens greece

Encompass - Electronic music conference, 93 FEET EAST, London (UK)

Death Disco, THE ARCHES, Glasgow (UK)

Sonar Festival, Caffé Borsa, BORSA DISCO CLUB, Mantova (Italy)

Eclektronik, FLUID, London (UK)
Countdown 2007 on the Hilton, HILTON OSAKA, Osaka (Japan)

LABTRIBE, Kyoto (Japan)

Unisex Salon "Dead Set #3", THE KITCHEN, New York City (USA)

Djs are not Rockstars, MR BLACK DANCE DEN, New York City (USA)

Bank, ELEMENT, New York City (USA)

Live Dj set at East Village Radio, PENETRATION Show, New York City (USA)

Volt Magazine launch party, MOCOTO, London (UK)
Springseven Festival, DIESEL STORE, Graz (Austria)
Springseven Festival, DOM IM BERG, Graz (Austria)
Act Art 5, THE ARCHES, London (UK)
QueerHell - Baccanale al forte, CSOA FORTE PRENESTINO, Rome (Italy)
La Messa, CLUB SHOCKING, Milan (Italy)

MINT, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

PALACIO ALSINA, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

BOOGALOO, Berlin (Germany)

Korova, EVOL vs KoOkoO 2, Liverpool (UK)

VANILLA BAR, Athens (Greece)

KHULKHAL, El Cairo (Egypt)

ROUGH TRADE STORE, Brick Lane, London (UK)


BEIJING CLUB, Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

Komputerliebe, HANS ROMANOV'S YACHTKLUB, Frankfurt (Germany)

Elektro Beats, RADIOEINS RBB, Potsdam

RDFND Ladies Night, GIBSONS, Oswestry (UK)

Jameson Smooth Sundays, Hilton Athens GALAXY BAR, Athens (Greece)

Carlsberg Part of the Night, INDIGO, Istanbul (Turkey)

ELECTROVISION, St. Petersburg (Russia)


Michalsky after party with Dj.Hell, Berlin Fashion Week, STADTBAD ODERBERGER STRASSE, Berlin (Germany)

Electronic Klick Records Night, HILTON ATHENS, Athens (Greece)

Komputerliebe, TANZHAUS WEST, Frankfurt (Germany)

Night of a 1000 Gowns 2009, MARRIOT MARQUIS, New York City (USA)

Live Dj set at East Village Radio, PENETRATION Show, New York City (USA)

T-Dance, ROOM 26, Rome (Italy)

Loaded, AREA CLUB - VAUXHALL, London (UK)

BUBBLE BAR, St. Petersburg, (Russia)

GLORIA CLUBE, Sao Paulo, (Brazil)

Billie Ray Martin presents: Roman Polanski’s REPULSION, BOX+BAR – DEUTSCHES THEATER, Berlin (Germany)

Club 69, NICETO CLUB, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

maneo event, Dice Club, Berlin (Germany)


EUROPRIDE 2009, Zürich (Switzerland)

NEO at voimala, Helsinki (Finland)


This is a long overdue and more than welcome return of one of thee voices of dance music. Billie Ray Martin first took club goers on a soulful high in 1989 with the absolute deep classic “Talking With Myself” which she made with Electribe 101. A few years later she turned up on the legendary Guerilla Records alongside Spooky, causing a bit of controversy with a cover of Throbbing Gristle’s “Persuasion”. Billie Ray Martin soon signed to East West and scored a worldwide number 1 with “Your Loving Arms”. Since then she has done her own thing, and collaborated with quite a few. Well now she’s back with a new album, and if it’s along the lines of this single, there’s gonna be no stopping her. In its original mix “Undisco Me” has got a slight retro feel, taking you back to those heady Balearic times, bringing a certain DJ Essentials Inc / Lisa Stansfield bootleg to mind, only Billie has done it better, never being afraid to take a chance and push forward, “Undisco Me” is properly out there, giving house the kick up the arse it so desperately needed. A quality set of remixes come from Peter Jurgens, Edison and Acid Jacks. Billie Ray Martin is the thinking man’s diva and she can walk up & down my back anytime.”
Dean Thatcher, DMC Update Mag (U.K. / worldwide)
The Nico of the rave generation has returned with a stealth-bomb of a record, with a tranced-out charm of its own.”

Ben Wood, Bearded Magazine (U.K. / worldwide)
Billie’s been a milestone and innovator in the world of dance music for nearly 20 years now and remains one of the few artists who can pull off a return that challenges the genre’s current royalty.”

Jamie Nicholes, Noize Magazine (U.S. / worldwide)
Billie Ray Martin is an absolute revelation.”

Ken Hollings, The Wire (U.K. / worldwide)
The singer is Billie Ray Martin and she’s one of the living legends in modern music history and one of the best voices on planet Earth.”

DJ Hell, I-DJ Magazine (U.K. / worldwide)
The high priestess of electronic soul… her voice is unmistakable – ridden with drama and soul – sounding like Marlene Dietrich by way of Diamanda Galas.”

Gregor Laird, The Skinny (Glasgow magazine)
“A female, modern-day Marc Almond… this E.P. of throbbing electro-disco, torch soul and narcotic pop’s awesome.”

Jason Riley, I-DJ Magazine (U.K. / worldwide)
“Avant-garde Deutsche diva Billie Ray Martin’s sublime vocals and catchy, industrial post-punk disco…”

Keith Barker-Main, Metro newspaper (U.K.)
“Welcome back Billie! We put our loving arms around you.”

DJ Tom Novy (review of “Undisco Me”)
“Something like Amanda Lear ganging up with Laurie Anderson to kidnap a low-key echo of “The Day Before You Came”, an Abba track. Is it any good? Yes, very.”

Unpeeled Magazine (U.K. / worldwide)
“Full of soul and emotion… the songs creep into your consciousness and before you know it have taken over your motor functions. Oozing sex with great electro bleeps and an orgasmic vocal delivery… a real success.”

Sean Slingsby, Gigwise (online)
“A bleep-fest of epic proportions, which really serves as yet another vehicle for Martin’s butter-soaked soul…”

Subba-Cultcha (online magazine)
“A glacial quartet of mournful electro-ballads bathed in sumptuous spaciousness. The low slung Marlene Dietrich-pitched vocals are the icing on the cake… this new venture sounds so fresh, unforced and 2008-friendly.” (online magazine)
"The appearance of Billie Ray Martin on a cover of Hawkwind's Silver Machine is revelatory."

Alex McPherson, The Guardian
“She’s one of the most intelligent, unique and principled artists to have graced the charts.”

Stewart Who, QX Magazine

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