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Act I – Scene III main points to be completed and highlighted in the text

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Act I – Scene III
Main points to be completed and highlighted in the text
1- Darius’s tent at Issus is large and regally sumptuous which is full of gold .goblets and plates

2- Cleitus, a grizzled Greek veteran, gulps draughts of wine and eats lots of fruits

3- Cleitus hides the box and the gold objects in his tunic and threatens Mazares that he will kill him if he speaks about what he has seen.

4- Parmenion, Alexander’s Chief of General Staff and Philotas’s father arrives at the tent.

5- Cleitus is confused when the gold dishes clatters out of his tunic on the floor. He claims that he keeps it as a souvenir for his wife.

6- Mazares tells Parmenion and Cleitus that he has burnt Darius’s documents.

7- Mazares gives the key of the treasure chest to Parmenion.

8- Philotas is fascinated by what he sees while Cleitus describes it as disgusting

9- Cleitus and Philotas argue about phalanx and cavalry

10- Alexander arrives and Cleitus treats wound as a good nurse.

11- Cleitus goes to bring the female prisoners to Alexander as a surprise.

12- Alexander is upset that some of his men treat him like an animal.

13- Cleitus comes with the female captives and Alexander orders him to take them out again.

14- To Alexander’s shock, the three females are queen mother, Statira and the princess

15- Alexander treats them in a gentle way and apologises about any insult

16- Alexander tells the Queen Mother that Darius has fought bravely, but Gods were not on his side.

17- The Queen Mother cries when Alexander takes off Darius’s mantle and put it onto her shoulders.

18- The Princess asks about her lion cub and wants Alexander to put the thief in the cage with the lion cub.

19- Alexander sits on Darius’s throne and Mazares kneels to him and touches the floor with his forehead.

20- Mazares prepares for Alexander the imperial bath

Scene III: Answer the following questions in your notebook:
1- “No, master. I do not try to be funny. I only try to serve you.” Comment

Mazares to Cleitus

2- “That you haven’t seen, do you hear? – or I will kill you.” Comment

Cleitus to Mazares.

3- Mazares said a good and wise evidence not to be suspected as a spy. Discuss

He said to Cleitus that if he were a spy he wouldn’t tell him that he spoke Greek.

4- Why did the soldiers bar the way into the tent?

Because Cleitus told them to do so.

5- Who was Parmenion? What do you think of him as a character?

He was the Chief of General Staff and he was a wise leader.

6- Who was Philotas? What type of character is he?

Philotas was the leader of the cavalry and the son of Parmenion and he was a sarcastic person.

7- “Are you insinuating that the Phalanx ran?” Comment

Cleitus to Philotas

8- “..., we all of us happen to have the honour of serving under a military genius.

Parmenion to Cleitus and Philotas

9- “That tongue of yours will get you in trouble one of those days.” Comment

Parmenion to Philotas.

10- “You ought to be ashamed of yourself, sir.” Comment

Parmenion to Philotas

11- “You are safe. Thank God. There was a rumour that you were killed.” Comment

Alexander to Cleitus.

12- “Give every man a bonus then.” Comment

Alexander to Parmenion

13- “Why do so many of my men expect me to behave like an animal?” Comment

Alexander to Parmenion

14- “I found it wandering round the camp. It is in my tent now.” Comment

Hephaestion to Alexander.

15- “The true emperor is a god among men.” Comment

Alexander to Hephaestion

16- Why did Alexander get angry with Cleitus when he discovered the identity of the three women?

Because he didn’t like way Cleitus treated them.

17- What did the Princess want Alexander to do with the thief who had stolen Marduk?

She wanted him to put the thief with the lion cub in the cage.

18- “All is in readiness for your Imperial Majesty.” Comment

Mazares to Alexander.

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