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St. Olaf College

Information and Instructional Technologies

June 2006


• B.A. or B.S. degree; degree in the Fine Arts (Music, Art, Dance, etc.) preferred.

• 1 to 3 years experience managing and troubleshooting the Macintosh operating systems, particularly OS X.

• Experience with OS X Server, Mac Manager Tools and Apple Script

• Fluent in the Microsoft Office suite of applications.

• Experience with Macintosh networks and Internet networking protocols.

• Experience developing and maintaining web pages; experience with Cold Fusion a plus.

• Experience with multimedia applications such as Imovie, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, scanning, digital photography, etc.

• Experience teaching computer workshops and seminars, particularly in a higher education setting.

• Some experience with the Windows operating systems.

• Effective managerial, supervisory, and interpersonal skills

• Effective oral and written communication skills

• Ability to work effectively in a team environment
The Macintosh System Administrator is a member of a team-oriented staff and shares in the responsibility of providing the St. Olaf community with technology services. The central systems are team-managed, with this position providing primary support for the Macintosh servers. The Macintosh Systems Administrator is also responsible for the Macintosh desktop setup, software selection and builds, lab set up and maintenance, and general support services. The Macintosh System Administrator also serves as the IIT staff representative to a select group of academic departments and is responsible for assisting them effectively integrate technology into the teaching and learning process. The Macintosh System Administrator reports to the Director of Information and Instructional Technologies.

--Serve as the primary systems administrator for the Mac server(s). Duties include

1. Monitoring system performance.

  1. Maintaining servers according to the campus standards, policies, and documentation.

  2. Monitoring and attending to file system usage.

  3. Scheduling jobs to minimize degradation of system performance.

  4. Rapidly responding to maintenance needs, including weekends and evenings.

  5. Maintaining system security, including virus, operating system, and database patches and updates.

--Coordinate the campus Macintosh computer systems configurations and software installations. Duties may include:

  1. Developing and documenting standards for software builds for campus computers, classrooms, and specialty lab facilities. Work will include coordinating faculty, staff, IIT staff, and students’ participation in the evaluation and decision process.

  2. Developing mechanisms, processes, and documentation to effectively and efficiently set up new equipment with appropriate software builds.

  3. Coordinating and training staff to perform the actual software installations and developing a methodology for performing quality assurance checks on those installations..

  4. Researching and testing appropriate software packages for installation on campus computers.

--Develop mechanisms and processes to train other staff to assist users to effectively and efficiently transfer their data from machine to machine.

--Provide high-level trouble-shooting support for operating systems and applications. Work may include training and assisting other staff to resolve difficult computing problems not resolved by standard means. The Macintosh System Administrator will be expected to work with hardware manufacturers and/or software vendors as needed.
--Coordinate the timely updating and upgrading of Macintosh software and equipment for the public and department labs.
--Monitor new developments in educational technologies (particularly as it relates to Macintosh computers) and keep staff apprised of those developments.

--Serve as the IIT Staff Liaison to academic departments as assigned by the Director. Duties include:

  1. working with department faculty on the development of their computing skills, providing training and tutorial as necessary.

  2. installing department and lab software,

  3. arranging special workshops and sessions of interest to the academic departments

  4. supervising the student computing assistants

  5. researching. reviewing, and testing new applications and technology ideas applicable to the academic departments

  6. coordinating the installation of department labs

  7. coordinate the installation of new faculty hardware including physical set up, data transfers, special software installations, etc.

8. participating in technology meetings, workshops, etc. held by and for the departments.
--Provide consulting services to St. Olaf faculty and staff to help refine ideas for innovative projects involving academic computing, including recommendation of appropriate hardware, lab design, and software.
--Provide department-specific and general consulting services to St. Olaf students.
--Conduct computer workshops on IIT-supported hardware and software.
--Work with the IIT staff to provide documentation and handouts for the programs and services available through the Information and Instructional Technologies.
-- Teach faculty and staff members how to effectively use the campus course management system.
--Assist the Desktop Systems Coordinator maintain and management the PC’s in the public and residential hall lab facilities.
--Assist faculty, staff and students with general computing questions and recommendations.
--Serve as the Helpdesk staff supervisor for the Helpdesk on a rotating basis.
--Respond to user’s phone, walk-in, and Helpdesk inquiries in a timely fashion.
--Provide computing support services like consulting with users about virus and spyware problems, data transfers, and backups, etc.
--Work with IIT staff to prepare software for IIT and public use. This involves thorough testing and evaluation of all new software packages, including documentation.

--Select, train, supervise and review student employees.


--Attend all staff meetings.

--Participate on teams as assigned.

--Evaluate new technologies and software appropriate for St. Olaf.

--Prepare monthly activity reports.

--Participate in group projects.

--Perform other duties as requested by the Director of Information and Instructional Technologies.

The Macintosh System Administrator interacts with faculty, students, and staff on a daily basis. He or she also interacts with Deans and Department heads as needed.


The Macintosh System Administrator is a full time position. Some evening and weekend hours may be required.

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